Well, hello hello! My guess is that most of the people who will be checking this out are already familiar with me and my crazy antics. If you’re new to the game, allow me to explain: I like to share, and I’m obsessed with sandwiches.

My Philosophy on Sandwiches is that they allow you to get just a little bit of everything, all at once. My Philosophy on Life, is quite similar: I just want a little bit of everything, all the time.

This weblog starts where sharing meets sandwiches and I realize that I was sending out so many mass emails that I might as well compile my findings/funnies/rantings/ravings, smash them between two pieces of virtual bread and call it a Blawg.

I hope you will all continue to contribute with comments, links and other articles.

After all sharing is caring.



3 Responses to “D.Blawg”

  1. shaaakspsyco Says:


    Very nice.

  2. mikewalzman Says:

    what a great outlook on life, i like that! And your blog is very interesting as well. sandwich…mmmmm

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