11 images that will keep you off eggs

Salmonella covered eggs are still in the news, and we’re getting scared. When can we eat them again? This is worse than waiting for pumpkin pie to come in season.

If you’re thinking about biting into a recalled egg, here are some images that will make you think twice.

If your friends are ignoring egg warnings, tell them about the wonderful conditions the egg was made in:

clean eggos:

healthy chickens:

Eggos in Europe: The US (pictured orange) is the largest exporter of eggs worldwide

More deets:

What can you do?

Strike while the iron is hot. People are starting to wonder what the benefits of cage-free and organic eggs are, so educate your community.

Get involved with a project that combats factory farms.

Can’t stand to see animal cruelty? Report it!

DBlawg says:

Yo. Seriously. READ LABELS! There are plenty of farms right here in Cali – no need for your eggos to be delivered to your local market or Whole Foods from Iowa.

Same deal with FROZEN FRUITS AND VEGGIES! Trader Joe’s likes to import their frozen veggies from CHINA! That’s a big ass carbon footprint for a couple of frozen peas.

Okay but so here’s my problem with eggs: I’m down to pay extra for cage-free, free-range, organic, vegetarian (yeah that’s an option – you’d think that would be expected right?) eggs – but which one do I choose?!?! I want an “all of the above” box of eggs! Why does it have to be so complicated?

I invite you all to PLEASE educate me on your egg selection process…