Hugh Hefner, Playboy, and Their Fight for Women’s Rights

You’ve probably heard of Playboy, but have you heard of the Playboy Foundation? It’s the arm of Hugh Hefner’s Playboy enterprise that has worked on behalf of women’s reproductive rights for nearly half a century. Surprised?Tatiana McKinney writes on Everyday Citizen that a new documentary starring Hefner shines a light on his work in the realm of reproductive rights. “We fought for birth control rights and the change in birth control laws, the change in abortion laws, we fought cases to give women the right to choose,” Hefner said in an interview. His foundation has also provided funding for Planned Parenthood, breast cancer awareness, sex education, and the American Civil Liberties Union, among other groups.

Hefner, who was raised a conservative Methodist, views his work on Playboy as instrumental to sexual liberation, saying of the Playmates, “the message was that nice girls like sex, too.” No disagreement there… READ MORE HERE

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