Frank Minuto is an artist who I have had the absolute pleasure of hanging out with in his studio at Angels Gate Cultural Center in San Pedro, CA. In fact, I also get to sit and enjoy his paintings, on loan, as they decorate my office on a daily basis. Frank is a lovely person and an inspired artist.

His Toy Robot series is currently on display in Terminal 1 at LAX. They are fun, they are exciting, they are heartfelt, colorful and they are smart. This is reason enough for you to book a (Southwest) flight and go to the airport.

The free play of creative imagination.

When space travel was…
When dreams and robots were made of plastic and tin and came in a box that promised the most amazing adventures for a couple of dollars…

“You’ll get the most thrilling, astonishing toy ever created by man.” You could land on strange planets, fly through space. They were right.

Your mind turned those pieces of tin and chunks of plastic into the greatest toy of all, and dreamt the dreams of what could be.

In my work I want to help you revisit your childhood, meet creator of wood, paper, and cloth sitting in your room. I want to force you to revisit the world of your childhood, filled with color and freedom and personal imagination.

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