FDA Faulted For Gaps In Food Safety

Leafy greens like these have been the subject of some high profile recalls lately.

Alfalfa sprouts, lettuce, spinach, and ground beef have all been subject to recent food recalls. In fact, hardly a month goes by without a notice about some unwelcome bug or another finding its way into the food supply.

And, the agency that watches over most of the food we eat is being bashed once again for being reactive — rather than out front — when it comes to keeping the food supply safe.

The Food and Drug Administration lacks a plan to assess risks posed by certain foods, doesn’t prioritize surveillance and research, and is putting the public’s trust on the line, according to a report released by the Institute of Medicine this morning…

…The cost to consumers when the unsafe stuff hits the grocery store shelves? About $150 billion a year, plus 300,000 hospitalizations, and about 5,000 deaths….

…For its part, the Obama Administration’s FDA has increased its focus on food safety. It created an Office of Foods to oversee and coordinate agency policy. It’s taken a more aggressive approach to pushing companies to recall suspected products, even when eating those products poses a low risk of health problems. Exhibit A: The ongoing hydrolyzed vegetable protein recall….Click here for the complete story from NPR

This is a REAL problem! And it’s not just about meat folks… its all of the foods we eat because of the way there are being produced in our country. If you haven’t seen the Food Inc. documentary yet (or have been avoiding it because you’re afraid it will ruin your Sunday BBQ), I would HIGHLY recommend it. Educate yourself – you’ll discover your own hunger for change: