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DBlawg is THRILLED with this news!!!

I have been consistently saddened by every trip I take (usually on foot and always with reusable or reused bags) to my local grocery store and watch them bag every other customer’s items with plastic… so much plastic… knowing that plastic will never go away… it would only end up in a pile like the one you see above.

But now! No more plastic – anywhere in Cali! Amazing!!

Acting on what the Los Angeles Times describes as “a flurry of new bills,” California lawmakers have voted to ban single-use plastic bags at supermarket checkout stands. (Retailers will still offer paper bags, but those will cost a nickle each.) We’ve come a long way since San Francisco became the first city in the country to ban the bags—whose ghastly environmental impact far outweighs their utility—in 2007.

For a state that uses 19 billion of those bags a year, this is big news. For Californian shoppers, it looks like there’s finally incentive to stop leaving your reusable bags at home.

Oh, and there are even rumors of a United Nations led global ban down the road.

Photo: A close-up of some of the 60,000 plastic bags used in the United States every five seconds, from Chris Jordan’s series, “Running the Numbers”.