Kitten fits right into mama dog’s litter

Dog rescue volunteer Shelly Gomez of Hawthorne got more than she bargained for after she bailed a mama Chihuahua mix and her five newborn pups out of the shelter for Noah’s Bark.

So did mama dog, who wound up adopting a newborn kitten to nurse along with her pups.

About a week after Gomez brought the mother dog – nicknamed “Jolie” for the actress known for adopting children – Gomez received a call from the same shelter in South Los Angeles asking her to pick up more newborn pups…

For now, the babies aren’t doing much beyond the basics.

“They’re still too young to play,” Gomez said. “Every once in a while the kitten will put her paw up on them, but all they do now is eat, poop and sleep. In another week or two I’ll have my hands full.”

The kitten is fitting right in, she said.

“I don’t think they know any difference,” she said. “The kitten always seems to be in the middle of the whole group, sleeping right in the middle of the pile.”

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