Upgrade your original 1984 Macintosh to run OS X Snow Leopard.

The original Macintosh took the the world by storm with its small form factor, and above standard speeds. This project aims to show you how to upgrade your original 1984 macintosh to the specification of a modern day machine.

The original Macintosh had an 8mhz processor, my upgrades will boost it to a speed 200x faster than that. Giving us enough speed to install Mac OS X Snow Leopard.

My main objectives were.

  1. Do not alter, cut, deform, change, or break the original Mac in anyway, I wanted to be able to return it to its original state if I chose to.
  2. Not to let myself cut costs on the project just to make it more ‘amazinger’ (cheap instructables are great, but we do see a lot of ‘wow make an awesome uber computer for like $10 dollars yeah’. This was an epic project, I cut costs where I could, and used recycled parts, but I spared no expense in making this the best I could. This 1984 Macintosh deserved no less.

Here are a few glory shots, then we delve into the bulk of it, I started this project in June ’09, but getting married, and moving house did put a bit of a delay on finishing it.

Be sure to vote for me in the Dead Computer Contest, the Netbook prize would allow me to upgrade my 1984 Macintosh to being wireless, portable, and a 9inch screen to boot.
We all want to see pictures in the newspaper/on the internet of me sat on the train, or chilling in starbucks with a 1984 Macintosh now, don’t we?

Upgrade your original 1984 Macintosh to run OS X  Snow Leopard.
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