Long Beach Wilson High Students Drown Out Anti-Gay Protestors

Thousands of students at Long Beach Wilson High School counter-protest members of the Westboro Baptist Church who carried anti-gay and racially-discriminatory signs.

5:00pm Friday | Thousands of Wilson High students staged a peaceful rally against a handful of anti-gay protestors outside their campus this afternoon.

Demonstrators from the Westboro Baptist Church in Kansas planned to stage an anti-gay demonstration outside the campus but were drowned out by the peaceful but spirited cries from students that spilled into the streets under police supervision.

“They wanted to make the school proud,” said Wilson High co-principal Sandy Blazer. “It was a nice, peaceful day considering we had 4,500 kids out here. I knew they would protest hate in a respectful way.”

LBUSD Superintendent Chris Steinhauser was also on hand.

“The kids and others that came did a great job of passive resistance,” he said. “It was a great day where Long Beach came out to say that hatred is not in the heart of this community.”

The Westboro Baptist Church group carried signs that said awful things like “The Jews Killed Jesus” and “God Hates Fags” … I think the Wilson High School students carried much more clever signs, boasting slogans like “If God Hats Fags then why are we so CUTE?!” and I really love this one above featuring Kyle from South Park

Long Beach is for Lovers. Love it!!! Go Long Beach!!!

Councilmember Robert Garcia waves goodbye to Westboro Baptist Church protestors as they drive away from Wilson High School with students chanting “Long Beach!” around them.