Sweden.Pirate.PartyPirates at the Gates of the European Parliament…

And the newest member of the European Parliament?  That would be the Pirate Party, a small-but-growing political force in Sweden.  The group recently grabbed 7.1 percent of the Swedish vote, enough to secure one of eighteen Swedish positions.

In perspective, that is just one seat out of a total of 785 Parliamentary slots, a largely symbolic score.  But the development offers a window into a major cultural thrust in Sweden, one that focuses on totally open access to media.  Indeed, Swedes are notorious for their heavy piracy levels, partly a reaction to a previous period of media and content scarcity.

Looking ahead, the Party could have the ingredients necessary to grow.  A large percentage of supporters are younger, and small victories have a way of becoming more substantial over time.  Meanwhile, the legal circus surrounding the Pirate Bay has added fuel to the movement, and may have contributed heavily to the victory.

Story by Alexandra Osorio.

Black Beard Notes: I think they just took over  the title of coolest parliment party from the marijuana party in Canada.”

D.Blawg Notes: Coolest logo ever. I want the bumper sticker like right meow!