So the “Tiny Art Director” (T.A.D.) is the artist’s 4 year old daughter… Featured in this post are some of my favorite collaborative works … ever.

poopooairplane_400Poo-Poo Airplane above (=pure genius)


The Brief: Purple Gatorade [The Tiny Art Director’s Fish]
The Critique: Why did you draw Uger? [Her sister’s fish] I hate Uger! Why is his eyes like that? It looks like he’s mad.

What are you writing down? Grownups never lie, right Daddy?

Dad, that doesn’t look like Purple Gatorade. Only mine looks like Purple Gatorade. You’re going to scan it, and then when you’re done with it, it’s going to be scrappled up and thrown in the garbage. And then mine will be our final picture.
Job Status: Rejected
Our Final Picture: at right