D.Blawg says: This is HILARIOUS!

I am both confused and intrigued by Hipsters quite a bit… I often point them out by shouting “Hipsters on the loose!” when I see them rocking their skinny jeans and ironic facial hair on fixed-gear bicycles outside of Silverlake. And yet, I can’t stop watching them just sort of do their thing… I secretly dig some of their taste and style, but in the same way that I sort of dig real peoples’ taste and style: they make it look cool, but I don’t think I would spend that much time getting ready for anything. Especially when the end result is to look like you didn’t spend any time and you don’t care about anything. I would rather just not spend the time to look and feel the same way I always do! Basically, I don’t care … and I’m blawg-ing about it … wait, does that make me a Hipster??? Again with the confusion AND the intrigue…

Perhaps this will clear things up a bit: Wikipedia defines “Hipsters”

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