My Morning Jacket = Cool Band; Your Morning Pizza = ??

D.Blawg: So this post has nothing to do with music or My Morning Jacket, the band. Lately I’ve just been feeling kind of bored with breakfast…

Its always about eggs, bagels, cereal, yogurt and granola … don’t get me wrong – I’m totally into all of those foods, but I’m starting to feel that breakfast lacks the kind of variety I see in other meals like lunch and dinner. Sure, you can throw around the occasional French Toast (yummo) or an amazing omelet combo, but it still sort of feels like the same ol thing. I think breakfast just doesn’t really excite me that much anymore … Maybe its my fault, you know, I never really used to have time to eat breakfast during the week. Then when breakfast happened over the weekend (especially after a night out with friends) it was always such an epic experience that I just can’t expect breakfast to live up to that kind of satisfaction on a regular basis.

THEN! I came across this article: Your Morning Pizza . This dude is eating crazy things for breakfast like roasted carrots, miso, dried tomatoes and bok choy! Sometimes combining them with more “traditional” breakfast foods like grains and peanut butter. In any case, I think he may have just put the *spark* back into my morning cup o’ tea ๐Ÿ˜›

(Special thanks to M.Key for passing the article along ๐Ÿ™‚

Polenta "pizza" with pancetta and spinach.

Polenta "pizza" with pancetta and spinach