Adriana Bertini’s Condom Couture

Adriana Bertini’s Condom Couture

It’s a time to talk about important issues like contraceptive access and education, not to mention prevention of sexually transmitted infections. But mostly, it’s a time to celebrate that simple, effective, wonderful invention known as the latex condom!

LEFT: What do dresses, condoms, AIDS and charity have in common? A talented 35-year-old Brazilian artist (once Greenpeace activist) named Adriana Bertini. In an attempt to raise AIDS awareness and inspired by HIV-positive children she met while volunteering at an AIDS prevention group (GAPA), she has designed -over the span of ten years- dresses, skirts and suits made entirely of quality test rejected condoms.

What’s her message?

“Condoms must be basic like a pair of jeans and so necessary like a great love”.

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Planned Parenthood is also celebrating this week! Click here to visit:

D.Blawg Says: and watch this AWESOME instructional video below on “How to Use a Condom:”

BUT don’t forget to check the expiration date and to use a NEW condom EVERY TIME you have sex! (if you go at it 3 times in one night, you need to use 3 new condoms, and rock on with your bad self :D)