bolsa-chica22Special Note from D.Blawg:

Montana? Wyoming? Nope. Those are the SAN GABRIEL MOUNTAINS in Southern California!

This image was taken from the Bolsa Chica State Ecological Reserve in HUNTINGTON BEACH! Gorgeous, yes, but holy crap that’s alotta snow for SoCaL!!!

I knew it felt colder than usual in LA….

snowla1i like this guy:

When you find yourself in the middle of a blizzard in Southern California, head immediately to the nearest booze-selling vendor and pick up two 16-packs of Budweiser.

That will for sure be the coldest beer you’ll ever have.

PS: This picture was taken in San Bernadino, right near Gorman – you know that little spot on the 5, right before you hit “Hungry Valley” on your way out of LA en route to the San Francisco Bay Area … 😉


<– No, seriously, WTF?!?

There’s even snow atop the pyramid of the Luxor in Vegas right now!!

I guess even us desert residents can look forward to a white Christmas this year!

As for Dblawg, I’ve got my space heater on full blast in the office today and I’m hoping that Santa will put a pair of gloves in my stocking so that I don’t get frost bitten fingers at my keyboard in San Pedro 🙂