Iraqi Throws Shoes At Bush During Press Conference

In an eyewitness account of the shoe-throwing incident, Modesto Bee reporter Adam Ashton reports that Bush and Maliki had just finished their speeches and were preparing to take questions from the Iraqi media, who “have never had a chance to ask a question to the American president” when “the shoes started flying.”

This wasn’t the first time that Bush – or at least a depiction of Bush – has been pelted with shoes in Iraq.

Three weeks ago, HuffPost blogger Jamal Dajani noted that crowds of Iraqis “gathered in Ferdous Square, where Saddam Hussein’s statue one stood” and pelted an effigy of Bush with their shoes.

Bush had just finished his prepared remarks in which he said the security agreement was made possible by the U.S. surge of troops earlier this year, when the journalist, Muthathar al Zaidi pulled his shoes off and hurled them at the president.

“This is a goodbye kiss, you dog”

Bush dodged the shoes and was not struck. Bodyguards quickly wrestled Zaidi to the floor and hauled him, kicking and screaming, from the room. Two other Iraqi journalists were briefly detained after one of them called Zaidi’s actions “courageous.”