A Day Without Gays: A Day in the Gayborhood!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008
9:00am – 11:00pm
West Hollywood Park

Hailing all members of the greater LGBT & Allies community! Equal Roots is coordinating a grassroots festival to take place in conjunction with A Day Without Gays in our dear own West Hollywood.

While demonstrating in opposition of discrimination, come out to support those great businesses owned and operated by our folk! Have your meals at gay restaurants, shop at gay botiques, and drink at gay bars. Organized activities of the “Day” include picnicking in the park, constant movie screenings in the auditorium, author speeches at “A Different Light,” and–of course–happy hours all across town in the evening! To identify recommended businesses, find the rainbow-colored balloons.

Spread the word and come together for a day of fun in the beautiful city we helped build!


Paper or Plastic?

You know the answer, and on

December 18, Heal the Bay’s DAY WITHOUT A BAG

you’ll get the chance to show it! But, if you want you to get more involved in this grassroots day of education and action, tell your friends, family, and all your neighbors with SaysMe.tv.