Bill O’Reilly is scared.

* D.Blawg Notes: one only need to watch this episode of the Daily Show to understand just HOW scared:

Huffington Post | Nicholas Graham | November 18, 2008 04:03 PM

As a daring crusader on the side of “traditional America” in the war against “secular progressives,” O’Reilly fears that the “far left” will push President-elect Obama to embrace their values.

*D.Blawg shudders at the notion of such a thing!

As an example of the horrors that would befall us if this were to happen, O’Reilly offers up a surreal pseudo-documentary of San Francisco…

…Watching this video, one would think that ninety percent of San Francisco’s population are either homeless, addicted to drugs, prostitutes, crazy, or some mix of all these…

*D.Blawg says “WELL OBVIOUSLY!” Including all those folks who hang out in such seedy neighborhoods as the Marina, the Presidio and the ever-sketchy, Pacific Heights!

…The video is an unbelievable smear on a great American city. The only thing worse than the video’s message is the production value. After showing the video, O’Reilly interviews Waters for insight into how San Franciscans can live in such moral and physical squalor. Waters basically says the citizens of Frisco have accepted, and adjusted to, the fact their city is a hell hole. Actually, the city is so beyond the pale that O’Reilly once said he wouldn’t mind if Al Qaida attacked the city. Watch (above) and judge for yourself.