As President-elect Obama reminded us in his speech on election night, this victory itself is not the change we seek – it’s a chance to make that change. To win things like CLEAN ENERGY, HEALTH CARE for all Americans, and an END TO THE WAR IN IRAQ,

we need to keep fighting alongside Barack Obama.


We know that change won’t be easy. The oil companies won’t give up their stranglehold on our economy without a fight. Already, pundits are starting to say that our economic crisis makes real reform impossible—when really, it’s more necessary than ever.

Think of all the people who came together to make this amazing victory possible. If we can keep organizing—if we can keep getting stronger—we can win the changes we dream about.

But it will take resources. Chip in (just $20) to contribute to grassroots campaign efforts and get a FREE SHEPARD FAIRY POSTER!