Before you head to the polls next Tuesday, please take a look at this Final Report on Senator McCain’s and Senator Obama’s plans to address global poverty:


NOTE: this information is presented by the ONE campaign, a nonpartisan organization that does not endorse or oppose any candidate, but does want you to know where each candidate stands as you head to the polls.

DBLAWG NOTE: Barack Obama offers specific plans and clearly sites policies with dollar amounts and end-dates. John McCain generalizes his beliefs and glosses over the issues. My guess is that John McCain probably doesn’t really care about global poverty. He believes in increasing access to the global market for entrepreneurs in the developing world … John McCain should really check out Besides, no one in the developing world is going to become an entrepreneur with access to the global market if they don’t have access to a classroom or they are sick and dying from AIDS and John McCain wants to fund Abstinence-Only educational programs. DUH we should all agree that a quality education is the right of every child, but McCain has no plan for (and I would argue no interest in) making that happen, let alone ensuring that people have access to basic needs like clean water…

People in the developing world will not have access to any form of American assistance in the wake of a McCain administration because he wants to suspend EVERYTHING exept the war (and Veteran’s benefits). Suspend until when, John McCain? The End of WWIII?