Today’s dose of politics is not about what a crazy-woman Sarah Palin is … in fact, all that talk about her and her craziness is distracting everyone (myself included!) from the real issues

(Trojan Moose)

So this email is about what YOU can do to change the outcome of this election… YES individuals CAN make a difference! Your vote not only COUNTS, it MATTERS!

– Get your friends to register
– Get your friends to vote! (for Obama!) “friends don’t let friends not vote”
– TALK about politics – get those people who don’t know or who don’t care on our side (the left, just in case you were confused)
– Swing voters
– Donate to the campaign (you can do it online! its easier than buying itunes!)
– Write a letter to the editor

– Read this article!

In the mean time, I can’t wait for the return of Tina Fey to Saturday Night Live….